Total Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Voted 2017 Best Long Island Orthopedic Practice

Best Orthopedist Long Island

2017: Long Islanders Voted Total Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Best Orthopedist on Long Island

Third year in a row we have won this award and we could not be more honored!


You know the old saying, ‘Break a leg?’ Yeah, don’t actually do that when people tell you to — it’s just a figure of speech. But if you do happen to break your leg or any other bone, make sure to get to an orthopedist’s office stat. He or she will cast you up to help your body heal properly so you can be on your way to wherever you were going in no time. So when that happens, go to the Best Orthopedist on Long Island.

The length of time it takes for a bone to heal varies, depending on the injury. But if you want to be able to sleep well at night knowing you had the best people in the business performing surgery on you to correct whatever that injury could be, look no further than Total Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. This extraordinary team has a proven track record of performance, reliability and compassionate care. Whether it’s joint replacement, a knee injury, or an achy elbow, the specialists at Total Orthopedics and Sports Medicine will advise you about the best treatment options available and lead you through it, every step of the way. For all these reasons and many more, Long Islanders voted Total Orthopedics & Sports Medicine the Best Orthopedist on Long Island!

If you are suffering from a bone, joint, spine or sports injury the physicians at Total Orthopedics and Sports Medicine focus on both the surgical and non-surgical treatment of bone and joint injuries and are one of the most innovative orthopedic practices in the area. Dr. Charles Ruotolo, President of Total Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, has published several peer-reviewed studies on orthopedic care and orthopedic surgery.

Fortunately, many patients can be treated non-surgically with a combination of conservative modalities coordinated by the Total Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Team. If surgery is necessary, the practice uses a multidisciplinary approach to create a treatment plan that focuses on the patient’s lifestyle and activities and helps them get back to those activities quickly and effectively. Total Orthopedics and Sports Medicine has locations throughout Long Island including Massapequa, Deer Park, Syosset and East Meadow. If you’re looking for the best orthopedic doctors Long Island has to offer, look no further.