Total Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Launches Total Ortho Express on April 4, 2016

Orthopedic Specific Urgent Care Coming to Massapequa

MASSAPEQUA, NY – MARCH 28, 2016 – It is no secret that Massapequa has seen an influx of Urgent Care facilities recently. However, for those who visit one of these centers with an orthopedic or sports injury, chances are that you are given an x-ray and told to make an appointment with an orthopedic specialist. Now, Total Ortho Express is aiming to shorten that care cycle and saving patients money by opening Total Ortho Express on April 4, 2016. Total Ortho Express is an orthopedic specific walk-in facility that will be open 7 days a week located at 5500 Merrick Road and is an extension of the already well known Total Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.     

“General urgent care centers have become a great alternative for those with colds or upper respiratory conditions that can be treated fairly quickly,” says President and Founder Dr. Charles Ruotolo. “However, these facilities are limited in their treatment capabilities for muscle, bone and joint injuries and most patients do not want to visit one provider just to be told they need to see a specialist.   With orthopedic injuries, time is an important factor. This is one of the main reasons we are opening Total Ortho Express. We believe orthopedic injuries should be seen by first by an orthopedic specialist first.”

Total Ortho Express will also offer a convenient alternative for those who cannot wait the 1-2 weeks for an orthopedic appointment. “Orthopedic and sports injuries tend to limit the patients ability to work and do activities of daily living,” says Dr. Ruotolo. “For those who are limited by their injury, waiting several weeks for an appointment and diagnosis may not be an option.”

Total Ortho Express will treat injuries of the shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, knee, ankle and spine and will offer a full range of on-site diagnostic imaging including, x-ray, MRI and ultrasound. If further care is needed up, appointments can be made with the Total Orthopedic and Sports Medicine staff.

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 About Total Ortho Express

Total Ortho Express will be open 7 days a week from 12pm – 8pm Monday through Friday and 10am – 6pm Saturday and Sunday. The facility will also offer onsite x-ray and diagnostic imaging and be staffed by the team at Total Orthopedics and Sports Medicine and include orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine specialists and orthopedic physician assistants. The staff will provide orthopedic care for ages 10 and older. Total Ortho Express accepts almost all major insurance plans and offers affordable self-pay rates for those without insurance.

 About Total Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Total Orthopedics and Sports Medicine was founded in 2004 by Dr. Charles Ruotolo. The physicians at Total Orthopedics and Sports Medicine focus on both the surgical and non-surgical treatment of bone and joint injuries and are one of the most innovative orthopedic practices in the area.  Dr. Charles Ruotolo has published several peer-reviewed studies on orthopedic care and orthopedic surgery.

Fortunately, many patients can be treated non-surgically with a combination of conservative modalities coordinated by the Total Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Team. If surgery is necessary, the practice uses a multidisciplinary approach to create a treatment plan that focuses on the patient’s lifestyle and activities and helps them get back to those activities quickly and effectively.  Total Orthopedics and Sports Medicine has locations throughout Long Island and Manhattan.