Total Orthopedics and Sports Medicine has introduced the PITS Program to help millions of pain sufferers that struggle with acute and chronic orthopedic and sports-related pain conditions.  No doubt, America needs a universally-recognized assessment and treatment program to help guide patients afflicted with pain toward a lifetime of improved comfort and quality of life.  Whether as a result of a work-related injury, a motor vehicle accident, a sports-related incident, or a slip-and-fall, the PITS philosophy of care will serve as a method for restoring a patient’s health and wellness and overall functional status.

The PITS philosophy of care is a simple 4-letter acronym that stands for both the assessment and treatment of any type of pain. When patients are evaluated in one of our many offices and urgent care centers throughout New York and New Jersey, the treatment options for any orthopedic and sports-related pain, include a:  

P-pill (medication), I-injection, T-therapy, and S-surgery

The PITS assessment for pain and quality of life addresses and scores a patient’s overall health and wellness, and stands for:  

P-physical function, I-intensity of pain, T-thoughts and behaviors, and S-social interactions

Simply remember that for pain affecting comfort and quality of life, ask is there a P-pill, or medication that can help, I-injection that may be needed, T-therapy that can be utilized as the top priority of treatment, and S-surgery if needed because the other three treatment options failed to reach a patient’s goals – this is the PITS philosophy of care!


There are many benefits of coming to Total Orthopedics and Sports Medicine to receive comprehensive medical care:

First, our expert medical providers will follow a conservative approach. They will work up to more aggressive care options as indicated, until comfort and quality of life are restored, and without the need for continuously escalating opioid narcotic therapy during the treatment process. When patients have an initial consultation, they will receive an orthopedic-focused evaluation as well as an initial pain treatment and functional restoration plan. Our goal is to get patients moving forward again and to get their life back.

Second, many orthopedic patients will be referred to our interventional pain management team to help with the vast number of painful spine conditions that exist.  We offer safe, minimally invasive treatments that may be needed to break the pain cycle, especially if your medication and therapy options are not offering enough relief and patients are not yet ready for a surgical option.


Total Orthopedics and the PITS Program are absolutely dedicated to creating an interdisciplinary wellness program. Embrace the PITS philosophy of care and a patient’s life will automatically start to improve. We are committed to caring for and partnering with the community of patients until they reach their overall goals. Acute and persistent recurring pain have plagued millions of Americans. We are here to help.

You don’t have to live with pain. Pain really stinks. You need to feel better and live your life, because PAIN is the PITS!