T’was 2 nights before Christmas and all through the house
People were worried cause Grandma tripped on a mouse.
She came down hard on her right hip that day.
She heard it crack as her leg gave away.
She was whisked off to NUMC to the ER for help
Her hip broke so bad she let out a yelp.
Dr. Murphy was there ready to go
To fix Grandma’s hip no matter rain nor snow.
He pinned her that day in an anatomic way
That helped Grandma get up the very next day.
She did PT with the help of the therapist and nurse
And it did hurt somewhat and like Grandma she cursed.
But her pain quickly improved as she continued to train.
She quickly progressed from a walker to cane.
Christmas was special in rehab on 5
But New Years was better as she was home and alive.
She’s happy at home and she says with glee
Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year to thee!!

By Dr Nick Claus