Injuries are never convenient and for many of us, we do not always have the time to wait for hours in the Emergency Room or days for an appointment with an orthopedic specialist.  This is why we created Total Ortho Express, an orthopedic urgent care center in Massapequa.  With skilled providers and on-site digital X-Ray and MRI, diagnosing your orthopedic injury is quick and easy. Our providers specialize in both Orthopedics and Sports Medicine and Total Ortho Express treats a variety of orthopedic injuries including strains, sprains, bone or joint injuries, fractures as well as a variety of sports injuries.  

What about going to the Emergency Room?

Historically, those with sudden orthopedic sports or injuries went to the ER and had to sit and wait for several hours – just to be seen by a non-orthopedic specialist.  In most cases, X-Rays were taken and you were told to follow up with an Orthopedic Surgeon for further evaluation.  Worst of all, this visit to the ER could cost you several hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

What about going to a General Urgent Care?

Urgent care centers have become the go to place for quick diagnosis for things like colds, strep throat, burns and scrapes.  Urgent care centers often save you time and money by getting you in and out pretty quickly.  However, when it comes to orthopedic or sports injuries, they still resemble the ER.  You will be seen by a non-orthopedic specialist and if the facility has an X-Ray, your injury is usually X-Rayed and you will be given a temporary cast or brace and told to see an Orthopedic Surgeon for further evaluation. 

How is Total Ortho Express Different?

Unlike the ER and general urgent care, our team is specialized in orthopedic and sports injuries.  This means you will be seen by an experienced orthopedic specialist.  Also, Total Ortho Express is brainchild of Total Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, an awarded orthopedic practice with 11 orthopedic and spine specialists and 5 locations in Long Island.  Therefore, if you need follow up care, an appointment with one of our 11 providers can be scheduled right on site!  Total Ortho Express also has extended evening and weekend hours so that you, or your family, can be seen on your schedule – without the wait of the ER.

So next time an injury happens, don’t waste time and money in the ER or urgent care.  Come to Total Ortho Express instead!  Also, most insurance are accepted.

Total Ortho Express Locations and Hours

Massapequa: 5500 Merrick Road

  • Mon-Fri 12:00PM – 8:00PM
  • Sat – Sun 10:00AM – 6:00PM