Whether it is from a missed step or sports injury, sprains can often result in prolonged pain and affect your ability to perform daily activities.  Sprains are not just an injury suffered only by athletes and can occur as a result of overexertion or muscle fatigue.

While most people have suffered an ankle sprain at some point, these injuries can commonly occur in the knees, shoulders, back, neck or elbow.  What many people do not know though is that sprains can have varying degrees of severity and that any sprain should be addressed immediately by an orthopedic specialist.

Below are the 3 degrees of sprains and their symptoms:

Grade I Sprain – The ligaments have been stretched too far but are still in tact.  Symptoms can include:

·      Mild pain

·      Mild swelling

·      Stiffness of the surrounding joint

·      Discomfort when moving the affected area

Grade II Sprain – This is the most common form of sprain and the ligaments have become partially torn.  Symptoms can include:

·      Severe swelling

·      Visible bruising

·      Loss of range of motion

·      Difficulty moving the affected area

Grade III Sprain – This is the most severe degree of sprain and occurs when the ligament is completely torn.  Symptoms can include:

·      Severe swelling

·      Severe bruising

·      Severe loss in range of motion

·      Severe pain when touching the affected area

One of the most important things to remember when a sprain has occurred is to seek medical attention as sprains can progress in degree if left untreated.  A Grade I sprain can quickly progress to a Grade II if the ligament is reinjured or is not given time to heal properly.

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